Blockchain and IoT: savings, sustainability, quality for Agriculture 4.0

Smart agriculture is growing in Italy and worldwide. The revolution that is taking place in agriculture with the introduction of digital technology and sensors has led to a new way of conceiving the primary sector and to discover unprecedented opportunities to increase efficiency and profitability. The change keeps up the pace with a growing environmental […]

Blockchain traceability: more business for every entrepreneur in the agri-food chain

Agribusiness is the third sector by number of blockchain applications. In particular, blockchain is used for traceability of the supply chain. From meat to mozzarella, from PGI product to pasta, agrifood companies are choosing this new technology capable of ensuring new opportunities for turnover growth, product protection and efficiency throughout the supply chain, through transparent […]

Blockchain and real estate: revolution for the sale of immovable property

The blockchain can profoundly change the real estate sector. Its structure does not require any intermediation to complete a valid transaction between two subjects. The Blockchain guarantees authenticity Authenticity with the blockchain is guaranteed by the system itself that encrypts the contents of the single transaction. The following transaction is linked to the data from […]

Blockchain for human resources (HR): here are the benefits

The blockchain has great potential to improve the Human Resources (HR) sector. Let’s see how. 1 – Powerful Curriculum Vitae with the Blockchain The structure of blockchain generates a transparent and incorruptible information database. Imagine this system applied to the educational and professional history of each one of us. Instead of reporting in writing skills […]

Blockchain and tourism: benefits for travel agencies and travelers

Travel agencies and travelers have one more way to fly high: the blockchain applied to tourism. Advantages of blockchain for travel agencies 1 – Efficient organization Tour operators who are using platforms based on this technology speak about a more efficient organization and lower management costs. Like the group of Anglo-German tourism, TUI, who developed […]

Blockchain and agri-food chain: advantages for producers

Traceabilityof the agri-food chaincomplete, incorruptible … real! This is what the blockchain can do for the agri-food chain. Not just for big names in the industry, even for small producers. How the blockchain works The blockchain is perfect where there is a transaction between two subjects. The blockchain records and encrypts every transaction so that […]